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April Fools Day
Like, I guess if you make this face a lot.
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Google Image Search

Google Image Search: Your Fake Online Dating Profiles Are Screwed

I know. It's been a while. It seems like every damn time I blog it starts out like this. To anyone who is still around, you'll be ...

Because I'm a bear, bitches.

What the Hell is Wrong With the Friends on My Strange Addiction?

I've been watching My Strange Addiction lately. In the most recent episode (it's probably old. I just got TV again -by the way, I ...

Because this is how dreamy Clay was.

Something About Armpits and the Proper Way to Break Up

I spent grades three to seven in the hairy armpit that some people refer to as the state of Iowa. I think I am going to start calling ...

I thought I told you that we won't stop. I thought I told you that we won't stop. - P Diddy

Stupid List Friday: Why I Can’t Pray For Duck Dynasty

I told myself I wouldn't mention anything about Duck Dynasty because if you're online at all, you've likely read and heard it all at least three times from family members, friends, strangers, stalkers, people who otherwise can't read, and also maybe cat memes. If you want to get your point across, you ...

bert stare

Let Me Tell You the Snowflake Button Story

I don’t know car stuff. I know that probably surprises you because I’m single and I pretend to be a fairly intelligent, independent woman. But, when it comes to cars I just can’t. This morning my car decided it wasn't going anywhere because, "Damn, don't you know it's -30 degrees outside, ...

Man in a tree

Stupid List Friday: Why Sister Wives Work But Brother Husbands Won’t

I've seen Sister Wives a couple times and I've actually been kind of impressed how all of the wives hold it down. Kody Brown (the husband) is a moron, but his four womens handle all those damn kids, get along, take care of their homes, and actually make Sister Wives look like a laid back kinda ...

Jack O Lantern 2012

How I Kicked Ass All Over My 2013 New Years Resolutions

In case you haven't noticed we are thisclose to wrapping up 2013. It seemed like just yesterday I was telling you about my brilliant plan to keep the Christmas tree up all year. It's still up by the way, still has a Facebook page and a Twitter account no one uses. We did it, guys. And I'm probably never ...