Blogging Intentionally. I’m All In Your Wine Like a Gnat

Some unexpected things have happened since yesterday’s post. And no, I’m not talking about how I considered quitting NaBloPoMo aka YoLoBloMo after one post – because if I asked every reader if they actually expected me to successfully complete the challenge and blog every day, every reader would say, “hahahaha.”

But look at me. Going hard on Day 2 and blogging like I have something important to say. Totally patting myself on the back and rewarding myself with wine like it’s Monday.

One of my friends, (who specifically requested for the blog’s sake that I refer to him as, “one of my friends”) was going through his list of things I should blog about – mostly online dating stuff. I know you all dig my online dating adventures but there isn’t much at this point that I haven’t covered. Stalkers. The end. I finally asked him, “What is it with you and my blog?” (I really meant, “PLEASE STOP READING IT. I CAN’T TAKE THE PRESSURE.)

Somehow, (and here is the unexpected event) he is impressed that I blog – as opposed to most of the people I meet who either stop talking to me after they read the blog or send me a message asking that I please die in a fire and take my stoppid blog with me.

See? Unexpected.

Me:  Well, that’s nice of you. But anyone can blog.

One of My Friends: Not everyone has something to say.

He probably hasn’t encountered the Meat Stick post or the farting on dates post. I will let you know if his opinion changes but it kind of doesn’t matter. I plan on pretending like people are impressed with my blogging skills even if they aren’t. To me, this just means I’ve been right all along, just like I always am. Sharelle said it best here: Be F*cking authentic or stop writing.”

I have survived being told by the Internet that I shouldn’t be a parent, that I am a horrible person, a witch mop, and a big asshole. When you are drunk a lot, it doesn’t bother you as much.  I can say I have been pretty damn authentic and real about who I am.

Which is probably okay.

Bloggers/Writers: Why do you blog?




  • Ned

    See? You did it.
    Now kick your “friend” in the nuts for being surprised you can do something intelligent.

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      I may have to kick myself in the nuts. Wait.

      • Ned

        I’m torn between, “That might be worth real money to see,” (I always knew you were a dude), and, “WTF is a witch mop?” – it makes me giggle, whatever it is.

  • Marjorie McAtee

    It’s December, you can blog about Christmas every damn day. Write a post from the perspective of your Crazy Christmas Tree that has been up all year.

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      Well obvs Crazy Christmas Tree will be in there but I don’t think a whole month of Christmas posts is a good idea. Why aren’t you doing NaBloPoMo, btw.

      • Marjorie McAtee

        Because fuck you, you talked me into doing the AtoZ challenge TOGETHER and then quit on the second day. I can’t even pronounce this shit.

        • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

          hahahaha. Okay, but I think I had a good excuse. You don’t have to pronounce it. Just do it. Please. Thank you. Love you, biznatch.

          • Ned

            YoLoBloMo is easy to pronounce…

          • Marjorie McAtee

            You’re not going to manipulate me with your declarations of love. What excuse?