What the Hell is Wrong With the Friends on My Strange Addiction?

I’ve been watching My Strange Addiction lately. In the most recent episode (it’s probably old. I just got TV again -by the way, I apologize to the guys who were forced to watch my Fight Club DVD multiple times) the lady decided to tell her friend she’s addicted to eating cat food by inviting him over and casually asking, “Do you mind if I eat some cat treats?” And then she grabbed a bag from a cupboard filled up with bags of cat treats and started snacking away like she was eating Cheetos.

The friend of course was like, “Uh. I don’t think you should eat those…” and blah blah blah. To be honest, the cat treat addiction is probably the least wildest thing I’ve seen on My Strange Addiction. And if cat treats are poisonous, maybe we shouldn’t be feeding that shit to other living things, like CATS, for instance.

Anyway, there have been way crazier addictions, though. For example, the same episode features a woman who is addicted to whiffing moth balls. Not just like hey, wonder what these things smell like but like carrying them around in her purse and inhaling the refreshing old people closet scent of moth ball throughout the day. I have also watched episodes where people are addicted to dressing up like ponies and gallop around the yard like real live horses. It’s called Pony Play guys, and it’s a thing and they aren’t even trying to hide it. ¬†Also, various people are addicted to eating mattress. They are pulling out the foam and eating it. One lady said it clogs up the toilet when it comes out and if she could rinse it off and eat it again, she would. BUT THAT WOULD BE TOO WEIRD, RIGHT?

Not to poke fun at addiction, of course. I have a shit load of my own problems and while none of my problems involve eating household cleaning products or pieces of furniture, I don’t have to tell you that a lot of stuff I do is probably not right. For instance, it’s 5:41 a.m. and I’m eating Raisin Bran Crunch (this is either today’s first breakfast or yesterday’s fifth dinner) with Al Green singing Love and Happiness to me in the background.

What I don’t get are where these people find the friends and family members of the mothball sniffers and mattress eaters who kind of blink blink blink when they are told their buddy has been whinnying around the yard with a saddle on her back for 15 years. I am not that friend, obviously, and I don’t have friends who would be okay with it. In fact, my friends and family members are more likely to say, “You want to pretend like you’re a pony? Fine. Then you’re going to give me a ride all the way to Walmart and back until you decide you don’t want to be a pony anymore.” Because also, WHO DOESN’T WANT A PONY RIDE and I would be so tired by the time I reached the driveway I would give up. Incidentally, the bear suit isn’t the same. I know I’m not a goddamn bear but I will wear a bear carcass.

Because I'm a bear, bitches.

Because Minnesota, bitches.

But if I were Pony Playing or mattress eating -at the very least, I would be told that shit ain’t right. And someone would insist I get help and not just reply with, “uh. blink blink blink” until I end up on a reality television show explaining how I’ve been drinking paint for 15 years.

Which brings me to my point. I am so desperately thankful for supportive friends and family who leave me the hell alone when I need to be left alone, but are THERE when shit gets real. And this means the yous who I only know online, who I’ve never met, who repeatedly fill my brain with, “You got this, girl” even when I am being a totally dysfunctional weirdo. If I were eating mattress foam I know someone would have the mattress replaced with an air bed and I’d probably do the same for you, BECAUSE GO AHEAD, TRY EATING THE STUFF INSIDE OF AN AIR BED BUT DO NOT TELL ME YOU EAT AJAX AND EXPECT ME TO ACT LIKE IT’S NORMAL.

Anyway, thanks, guys.

What would you do if you found out your friend or family member was addicted to pretending to be a pony, eating mattresses, or sniffing moth balls?

Also, you probably don’t want to Google pony play.

Btw, on XOJane and PayScale today. I get a lot of stuff done when I don’t sleep.



  • Marjorie McAtee

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that pony thing was on the sex program, not the strange addiction one, you’re confused.

    Also I don’t think cat treats are poisonous but I think they’re made with like chicken feet or some other shit you’d only eat if you lived in Cuba.

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      Wouldn’t have been as strange if it were on the sex program. It wasn’t sexy at all. Because she thought she was a REAL PONY.

      • Marjorie McAtee

        She thought she was a real pony?

        • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

          Actually, no. She *wanted* to be a real pony. Wasn’t the same as the “furries”. (I actually looked that up, btw)

  • Ned

    OK, I’m your friend and I care about you. It’s time we sat down and talked about you eating kimchi…

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      A true friend would suggest I eat more kimchi…

      • Ned

        Alright, just keep the sauerkraut out of my lunch and we’ve got a deal.

  • http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com/ Lariats and Lavender

    You know, there’s a difference. There’s stuff that is fun, a fetish, or an escape. Playing pony is actually quite big in the BDSM lifestyle, and as long as you’re happy doing so and aren’t risking your health in some way, go right ahead. Same with puppy and kitty play. People who sniff this or that, or wear this, or do that… As long as you’re happy, and healthy, wonderful. However, I completely agree – 100% – about the people who ARE risking their health. No way would I let a family member or friend do something bad for them like that. I would probably slap that shit out of their hand, or more likely, would sit them down, talk to them with love and care, and proceed to see if I could get them help.

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      Certainly agree. From what I could tell, the pony play wasn’t a sexual activity – whatever makes people happy is really not my business. But since it was an “addiction” that seemed to have no purpose I would expect friends and family to be more aggressive about getting help for the person.

      I suppose there is a gray area, though. While some of the addictions are clearly unhealthy and will kill you (drinking paint, for instance) it’s up to the individuals to determine in cases such as pony play whether it’s something they want to change or not.

  • One Chicklette

    I cannot, will not watch this show so thanks for doing so in my place

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      Well, the last time I watched it a guy was kissing his car and said he had sex with it so I figure it’s probably time I stop watching.

  • http://www.theworld4realz.com/ Andi-Roo

    I learn the most strange, interesting, terrible, wonderful things by reading your blog. For example, I don’t watch reality TV, you have taught me that to continue in this fashion is likely the smartest way to go. Also? I would totally call you on it if you started admitting to weird-ass addictions. Because real friends are bitches. ;p

    • http://www.christinamajaski.com/blog Christina Majaski

      See I knew that. Because in a perfect universe, all my friends is bitches.