Stupid List Friday: 5 Things You Should Never Yell at a Legion Fish Fry

It never fails. Every Friday since I’ve started Stupid List Friday, I think, “this is the Friday I will  miss because I have nothing.”

And then POW…my parents ask me to go to a Fish Fry at the Legion and I was like hot damn, we got ourselves a blog post. Not only that, they actually help me with it.

What Is a Legion Fish Fry?

Well, friends. I’m glad you’ve asked but now that I’m answering it seems kind of stupid. A fish fry is where they fry fish, which usually occurs around here at the American Legion and during Lent, when Catholics aren’t allowed to eat anything good. 1

The Fish Fry near us however, is not any old kind of fish fry (okay, yes it is kind of). People actually travel to this one from far away places and although the sources of this information are all people related to me, I believe it’s true.

Needless to say, people take these things seriously, so if you’re considering attending such an event, I’d remember these 5 things you should never yell at a legion fish fry.

1.  I’m Here Bitches

It can’t be just me that thinks I have to yell this upon entering any kind of event with more than 4 people. As you can see from my photo, there are more than 4 people at the fish fry. These things are usually jam packed, like standing room only. Do not walk in yelling, “I’m here, bitches”. Not the right crowd for that. Also, not the crowd for “Let’s get this party started,” or “Who let the dogs out…”

I like that boom boom pow them chickens jackin my style…

2.  Who Ate All the Bacon?

As I mentioned, the fish fry is always on Fridays and during Lent when Catholics aren’t allowed to eat meat. I’d refrain from asking for bacon, asking where’s the beef, telling people you have meat in the trunk of your car,  mentioning sausage and also yelling “hey, how’d this chicken get in my fish!”

3.  BINGO!

I’ve seen the same crowd at Bingo and trust me when I say they don’t play around with the fish fry or Bingo. Even if there isn’t a bingo game going on, yelling out Bingo for no reason at all will likely get you a beat down by a bunch of old people with fish pieces in their dentures. Incidentally, my mom told me not to yell bingo at the fish fry. What can I say.  She knows me well.

4. Incoming…

My dad gave me this one and he’s a veteran in case you want to get itchy about me offending veterans. It’s the American Legion for God’s sake and these people have likely been in a war or are married to or know someone who was in a war. You want to piss some old school veterans off, be a Korean woman and yell North Korea is Best Korea, communist in the house, incoming, I got a grenade or “say hello to my little friend” while making machine gun noises.

5.  I Won I Won 

Oddly enough, there was also a meat raffle going on. I didn’t even buy a ticket because if you remember the last event I went to, I won damn near everything in the house including the meat raffle. People were mad and I don’t blame them. No one should be that damn lucky, but it just happened to be my time to be Queen of the Legion.

Still, yelling out you won, when you didn’t even buy a ticket is about the same as yelling Bingo when you aren’t playing Bingo. (This one also brought to you by my mom, who told me not to yell this either.)

Bonus Caption Contest

Caption this photo in the comments and the winner gets a prize from my first giveaway vlog coming up…(hint it’s an Anti Blogger Vlog)

Have you been to a fish fry? What’s your advice?



  1. Sorry Catholics



  • Virgil

    Used to go to the smelt fry back in Alexandria well it was in Garfield but I’m sure not many people know where that town is lol. But it was delish! Now we have fish/seafood frys here at easy street bar and grill!

    • Solitary Mama

      I still don’t really know what smelt is. Maybe that’s another blog post

  • Daddy’s in Charge?

    My parents go to these all the time only theirs are at the bowling alley… Probably shouldn’t yell “incoming” there either. Always eat your fish with the hand you DON’T hold your bowling ball with. You don’t want to risk getting any tartar sauce on your ball.

  • Solitary Mama

    OMG how do you have a fish fry at the bowling alley

  • WNed

    Oh dear… I got the smack-down on 3 outa 5 straight off. No Fish Fry for me.
    I suppose it would be unseemly to show up wearing a ball-gag… you know, just to be safe?

    • Solitary Mama

      You probably shouldn’t go to the fish fry, Ned.

  • Marjorie McAtee

    Mmmmmmmmmm fish…

    My grandmother’s funeral dinner was during Lent and she was Catholic and we had to keep explaining to all the other mourners why the food at the funeral dinner sucked.

    • Solitary Mama

      Darn. No chicken, huh. Sorry about your grandma btw.

  • Cari

    I’ve been to a brat fry too. As in bratwurst not brat kids. That is hilarious, well done. If I was ever going to a fish fry, I’d wanna go with you. How about…

    -Please have your AARP card out and available before you pay.

    -Quick Betty, put this in your purse.

    Looking forward to anti-blogger!

    • Solitary Mama

      They’d prolly call the police on you if you even played around with smuggling fish in your purse. You know like joking you have a bomb at the airport.

  • Amberr Meadows

    Where are all the Asians? Was there only the one taking the photos? That aside, would it be appropriate to yell out the fish was fried in pork fat? I’m thinking no.

    • Solitary Mama

      Yes, where I live, there is a 99.9% chance that I will be the only Asian. I believe it to be my duty to fulfill all stereotypes including but not limited to walking around town with a huge camera around my neck.

  • WowThatWasAwkward

    I’ve been to many a fish fry in Wisconsin. You nailed it all well. I was always confused by their weird pull tab lotteries. Seems like a big scam to me. I walk in and like to announce, “I’m only here because I’m thinking about buying this dump.”

    Picture caption:
    Is that a fish in your purse next to your flask, Bingo stamper and basket of dinner rolls or are you just happy to see me?

    • Solitary Mama

      Pull tabs are included at every event like Bingo. I don’t get it either because you know the whole gambling thing…

  • Chique Weiz

    I have not been on a fish fry but I prefer fish over meat just like Vegetables over Fish. I would prefer to have grilled than fried.

  • Adam Justice

    I don’t really get how fish isn’t meat to Catholics. Are they different because one requires a red wine and the other a white?

    Caption: Captioning a sign with words on it is about impossible (to do well anyway).

    “I kicked the last girl out of this bed for eating crackers. This time I might kick the crackers out ;)”

    • Solitary Mama

      I really hope you guys aren’t expecting a real prize. And also, Adam, no wine with this fish. Beer all the way.

  • Lauryn Doll

    ” during Lent, when Catholics aren’t allowed to eat anything good.”



  • Friday Fish Fry Guide

    Shouting “Where is your wine steward? Bring me your finest Bordeaux” doesn’t usually go over real well at the local VFW.

    Amber, speaking of not a lot of Asians at fish frys, some of my favorites are from Asian restaurants. Izumi’s on Farwell and Pacific Bistro in Pewaukee have a fish fry and tempura makes a better batter than beer batter in many cases since it is far lighter and remains crispy and doesn’t get soggy like beer batter can get.

  • Roland Martinez

    I usually open with ‘where are my gays.’

    • Christina Majaski

       hahahah….i’m using that…while making the raise the roof gesture “where my gays at, woot woot”

  • Richard Allen

    I’ll never understand some of this religious stuff. What is so magical about not eating certain types of foods at certain times? I’ve never followed any of these rules, yet here I am, alive and breathing. Hell, I would ride a cow into the fish fry and ask for help…in milking it. I am still waiting for them to develop a chocolate cow that gives chocolate milk.